Why Choose Reliable?

Reliable Controls provide simple, flexible, and sustainable controls which balance the comfort, efficiency, and greenhouse gas reductions of the built environment all around the world.

Through our actions, and through the quality of our products and services, we earn and sustain the reputation and brand recognition of having the most satisfied customers in the building automation industry.

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Building Controls, Building Automation Systems, Lighting Controls, Security Controls, BACnet, Integrated Intelligent Buildings, smart buildings, sustainability, electrical engineering, software, and hardware.

General Benefits

✔️ Simplicity - Users appreciate that our hardware is simple to install, service, and expand. The software is also very easy to learn.

✔️ Flexibility - Our customers appreciate that our controllers allow them to practically engineer any controls solution at scale.

✔️ Sustainability - Our customers believe we provide good value products & services compared to other vendors, including a 5-year warranty and economical repairs for the life of the controller, even long after the warranty expires.


✔️ Compact- 

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Green Benefits