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Why Computrols?

Since its beginnings, Computrols has worked with building owners, property managers, and facilities managers to develop the simplest to use building automation system on the market. As a leader in the manufacturing of intelligent controllers, Computrols prides itself on offering a lifetime warranty on all of its DDC controllers.

Computrols building automation systems save energy, time, and labor, thereby saving our customers money. When all lifecycle costs are considered, Computrols provides the most economical building automation system on the market.



HVAC Control
The practicality and efficiency of your building’s HVAC system is vital to the comfort of it’s occupants and your long-term profitability. Whether it’s Computrols’ flagship X-Line Controllers or its recently released LX Controllers, you can depend on Computrols for the most economical and effective HVAC controls solution.

Access Control and Security
Nothing is more important than the security of your building’s tenants and their assets. While keeping your building secure is our number one priority, Computrols access control system also allows its administrators to access the CBAS system remotely from their smartphone or tablet.

Electrical Metering
Many building management companies are interested in monitoring energy usage, either for tenant spaces or for the entire building. Sometimes you will need to monitor power usage in tenant spaces for billing purposes. Other times you might have to monitor for power company verification or conservation purposes. What the end user might not realize is that this monitoring can be included in their Computrols building automation system.

Lighting Control
Simplify your lighting control by adding or improving your capability to save energy, provide security for your tenants, and reduce your HVAC costs with Computrols’ fully integrated lighting solutions.

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